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About us


Sassy kennel was established in 2008. It is a small kennel from Slovenia owned by two good girl friends, with a lot of support of their boyfriends on the way :).  We both love to attend dogshows and so far we have achieved some very nice results in the show rings. We love and take care of our dogs in best possible way and each of them gets the same amount of tender loving care. They are members of our families and they go with us everywhere as they are important part of our life. Our goal is to breed healthy representatives of the breed as well as sound and typical dogs with their great great personality…

 I, Ursa Hana, grew up in a family that has always loved animals. We always had dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, etc. But my chihuahua story begins back in 2002 when I met first chihuahua called Sassy. Once you get to know this lovely temperament that only this dog has, you're caught. Once a chihuahua, always a chihuahua.

 So in 2004 I found my baby girl. The first Sassy I met dissapeared, so I decided to name my first chihuahua after her.. And when she came into my life it was all about Sassy.. I named everything after her, including the kennel name. I was hoping that she will be a part of it, but saddly she left us to soon. She was my everything, my whole world, my best friend. She was with me every single day of my life. Everyone loved her and she loved everyone. There was so much love in that little body of hers to share it with the world. I still cannot accept that she left us so early. She died of pneumonia at the age of 5, when her puppies were 1,5 months old. Her daughter Blue took care of her litter. The pain in my heart cannot be written in words. She will be within us forever. We love you Sassy!!!

 I would give my special thanks to Jolanda Kojek (Kennel Pachuca,slo) for letting me have my Sassy, my greatest girl. I will never forget that. All my thanks also go to Dušan Paunović (www.microschihuas.com) who taught me the most about chihuahuas and to Tuula & Francesco Cochetti (www.mistymeadowschis.com) who were always so nice and helpfull and have also supported me after Sassy died. Thank you so much for letting me have your great dogs in my life!!
The person I will never forget is my dear friend Spela Briški Cirman with her husband Primož (www.kennel.cirman.org). You were there in Sassy's very last moments, trying to help with all the veterinarian services. I cannot thank you enough for doing this. What you did was priceless!!

 And thanks to my boyfriend, family and friends to be there for me in those hard times. Now I'm getting back on my feet with her daughters. Now everything about this kennel is dedicated to this special little girl. It's Sassy chihuahuas.

                                                                                                                                Urša Hana Breskvar

I, Gaby was born in 1989. My love for animals was present in my life since I was a baby. At first my family had pekingese, for a short period of time even newfoundland, white poodle and now they have shih-tzu named Lily. My father is also breeding parrots.

Since I was a little girl I wanted my own dog and the breed I chose was chihuahua. I got my first one in 2007 from Urša. It was Sassy's little baby, longcoated female named Pinky and she means the world to me. She is my little sunshine, always there to comfort me. I'm extremely thankful to Urša for letting me have a part of Sassy in my life because she was trully the gratest dog I have ever seen.

Urša and I became really close friends and in 2010 she invited me to join Sassy chihuahuas as I already am a member of Sassy family and we get along well, with the same interests in chihuahuas. She has always helped me in the past and I know that I can learn a lot from her so I was happy to accept her invitation. Thank you Urša for Pinky and for all the help you have given me through the years.

                                                                                                                                Gaby Sekardi




















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